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Ryouken Home Page, Welcome :D

(How to apply to this guild!, First you want to click Create account, in the top right corner, then fill out the information requested, then a site moderator or Admin will accept your application. You will then receive an Email, follow the link finish filling out additional information about you, and your character and your done :D welcome!)

New members, To the Site for Ryouken. Ryouken was created on June 17th 2011! And I am Shinto your Leader So My goal is to Watch this faction grow large, and Strong. And to become one big family, so Spread the word and Invite your friends and family

Also Just right off, I am going to lay out some rules in Faction Chat!

1. Please watch the Sexual comments in game! It can make ppl uncomfortable
2. Respect and Listen to the Leader, Marshals and Executors!
3. No hostel arguing in Guild Chat
4. Follow the 3 Strike rule

(3 Strike Rule)
The 3 strike rule is very important, If you are warned once by the leader, Director, Marshall, That is one stirke, if you manage to get 3 strikes you will be banned from the faction! We want everyone in the faction to get along and follow all the rules, so please just watch what you say and have fun.

Voice Chat

I will have a Ryouken Team Speak Server up with a Password of hound
So if you download TeamSpeak we can Voice chat in game, This is a Requirement forMarshals

(This is the DL Site for TS)

Ryouken Bank

Ok to all members feeling Generous, you can donate coins to the Leader for our future faction base


Ok just a small List of resources, Here is a support email for any question. So if you have any problems with a member in the faction, something about the faction, need help, need to ask a question, Just send an Email, and we will answer with in 24 hours, or you can directly email me

Here are some urls to also help about all races and chars, plus a MATS Map to help you find what you need.
An extensive site with many features including a fashion gallery, weapon gallery, skill guide, genie skills, quest guides, boss listings, and more! A must see site.
A database of all in-game items, recipes, monsters, and quests. Extremely powerful and useful.
A graphical calculator that shows character stats for user-specified build, buffs, and equipment. Profiles can be saved as a link and shared with others. Very easy to use and powerful.
Apothecary recipes and herbs
A Google Maps-style map of PWI (pre-Tideborn and Earthguard expansions) showing the locations of cities, teleporters, World Quest stops, dungeons, herbs, and other minable resources.

There are more helpful links then just these. These are just the ones that I use the most.
On Wiki there is a much more extensive list of helpful links and the description. Each one is VERY helpful. Have fun. [Smile]

This is the Full wiki list of their helpful sites


Ok before you bomb me with questions about TT, FC, BH, FB, Ect We will be doing all of this Eventually, but the first step is a Faction Base
which will be a little challenging at first but we can do it as a team

Faction base Information!

Here's some basic info about the base for all those who don't know about it:

Q:What is the base?
A: The base is an area especially created for Ryouken members! By going to any major city (Arch, Ether, Plume, Lost, etc.) and finding the "Faction Base Manager" NPC, you can enter the Ryouken base! The base is compromised up of five areas; the Hall of Loyalty (centre), Manor of Justice (top), Armory (Right), Alchemy Labs (Left) and Heavenly Vault (bottom)!

Q: How can I get to the base?
A: As stated above, you can enter the base by finding one of the "Faction Base Manager" NPCs. (Note: These NPCs cannot be found in 1k Streams or Tellus, unfortunately!) Once you find the NPC, it's easy to get in! Just click "Enter Base" and you'll be taken to the Base waiting room. There, you can find the "Faction Sentinel" NPC who will let you into the base. Don't worry, to get back out, just find the "Faction Manager" NPC at the center of the base (Hall of Loyalty)!

Q: What are these quests I can get from the big pillar-like (Faction Monolith) thing at the center of the base (Hall of Loyalty)?
A: These are your Base Quests, also known as BQs. They are dailies you can do every day to get merit, contribution and construction points (as well as material packages). You get three (or more, depending on how upgraded the Monolith is) base quests a day; two killing quests and a quiz. If you're having trouble with the killing quests, try finding someone around your level in the faction, and asking them if you can do BQ with them. Also, if you're stuck on the question for the quiz, don't be afraid to ask the faction via faction chat.

Q: Merit? Contribution? Construction Points? Material packages? What are those?
A: Merit, Contribution, Construction Points and Material packages are what you acquire by doing BQs, they are points that you can use to do stuff in the faction base (for example, get buffs from the Alchemy Lab, get quests from the Manor of Justice, etc). Construction points can only be donated to the faction through the "Faction Manager", while Contribution is free for you to use. Think of it like currency you use in the faction base only. Your Merit is your total amount of Contribution that you've gotten so far, it can be seen on the Faction window in your sidebar. Material Packages are items that are given to you upon completing your BQs, each Material package is different depending on your race (for example, Earthguards will get Tellus Wood materials, while Untamed will get Lost Sand materials). It is important that you donate the materials and construction points to the base VIA the Faction Manager; in doing so, you can help the base grow and level up, allowing the areas of access to offer you more helpful services (please note that Material packages have no other use than to be donated to the faction). But be warned! If you leave the faction, all your Merit and Contribution will disappear, and if you re-join the faction, your Merit and Contribution won't come back!

Q: Heavenly Vault? Manor of Justice? What are all these things?
A: They're sections of the base that can be used by Faction members. I'll give a brief description:

Heavenly Vault: Located in the southern section of the base, this section is where you can buy a variety of items, ranging from health and mana potions, chi buffs, even to cute fashion sets! The more it levels up, the more items become available to Faction members. Please note that items sold at the Heavenly Vault require both coin and merit

Alchemy Lab: Located in the western section of the base, the Alchemy Lab offers a range of buffs to Faction members for a small fee of coins and contribution. Please read the buffs carefully when choosing one, take note of how long the buff lasts, and exactly how much it boosts that attribute by. In leveling up the Alchemy Lab, players are offered better buffs.

Manor of Justice: Located in the northern section of the base, the Manor of Justice is a place for players to train. Players can teleport inside through the "Teleport" quest given by the pillar in the Manor. Please note, that although there are a range of different monsters you can kill in the Manor of Justice, you can only acquire spirit and exp, the monsters do not drop anything other than 1 coin, so they cannot be farmed for drops or money. As well as monster rooms, there are also rooms with quest pillars in the middle; the "Dungeons". In "Dungeons", players can choose which boss they wish to summon from the pillar and fight it. To teleport out of the room, speak to the NPC in it and take the quest "Teleport to Manor of Justice". "Chambers" contain lots of monsters, while "Dungeons" contain boss pillars, keep this in mind when you grab a killing quest from the Manor pillar. Also, quests taken from the Manor pillar require coin as well as "Feat Tokens", which can be purchased at the pillar for one coin and one point of contribution each. By upgrading the Manor of Justice, players are able to get better quests to give more EXP and Spirit.

Armory: Located in the eastern section of the base, this area offers gear to players, for a fee of coins and contribution. Take note that some of the gear has a time limit/is temporary! By upgrading the Armory, players are offered better equipment to use.

Hall of Loyalty: Located in the center section of the base, this area is where you can acquire BQs, donate materials and construction points, and leave the base. By upgrading the Hall of Loyalty, players are able to acquire more BQs, it becomes easier to accumulate contribution and construction points, and players are able to store more materials to the Faction Manager (if you cannot donate any construction materials, it is because the material of your race is full, and you cannot donate any more materials until they are either used up in base expansion, or the Hall of Loyalty is upgraded thus allowing for more materials to be donated).

Q: Help! I can't click on the Hall of Loyalty! It's showing up as this weird image! What do I do?
A: It's probably under construction; sections of the faction base cannot be used if they are in the process of being upgraded. But don't worry! Faction upgrades take up to a day to complete, depending on the amount of materials donated, so the more materials you donate, the faster the base can upgrade itself!

Q: What's with all the stuff around the base? Are they mats? Why can't I collect them? What are they for?
A: The things you see lying around the base (such as fungus, bird's nests, honey deposit) cannot be used at the present time. They cannot be used until the faction Monolith in the Hall of Loyalty reaches level 3. Only then can members acquire a quest that allows them to farm the items in the base.

I think that's the basics for the Faction Base! If you have a question about part of the post above, or you'd like to add some information, post it here or PM me in-game about the post so I can edit it to include your information!
On a side-note, I'll be including information about the "Trials" as soon as I find more information about it, or do it myself!

Monolith Information

I dont know if you have the answers to the faction Monolith or not but they change.

Faction Exam Questions and Answers for level 1 and 2 Monolith:

Question 1 - Which is not a faction base?
Answer - Pixu Palace

Question 2 - Which is not in the faction base?
Answer - Copper-sparrow platform

Question 3 - What is the Maximum Level for a Faction Base?
Answer - 30

Question 4 - Can anybody enter faction base at non-battle time?
Answer - No, I can only enter my own faction base

Question 5 - How do you upgrade a Faction's Rank?
Answer - Gain enough Faction Contribution

Question 6 - After a faction's rank has been upgraded, they can accumulate another type of point used to upgrade the faction's constellation map. What are these points called?
Answer - Constellation

Question 7 - A faction based will be disbanded if the faction doesn't reach the required amount of which of the following?
Answer - Health

Question 8 - How do you upgrade a Faction's Rank?
Answer - Constellation Points

Question 9 - Players can obtain contribution by doing which quest?
Answer - Faction Quest

Question 10 - If a player levels a faction, what happens to their contribution?
Answer - It resets to 0

Hang out Spot

I have always Fancied the room above the Elder in Tellus City

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